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MOVE (MObility for Vesicles research in Europe) is the initiative of the Extracellular Vesicle societies across Europe aimed at  giving Early Career Researchers the opportunity to work in a lab in a different European country.

MOVE Fellowship aim to foster collaboration between members of different European EV Societies/Networks and their laboratories.

MOVE Fellowship enable the Applicants to work in another academic lab in Europe (the Hosts) with aim to develop both their technical skills and enlarge their own professional networks. 

MOVE Fellowships

Who is eligible?

– PhD students,

– early-stage postdoctoral researchers (≤ five years, excluding career breaks),

– technicians,

if they are members of their National EV Societies/Networks are eligible.

There may be some exceptions, for example, suitable applications from master’s students but this is at the discretion of the National EV Societies/Networks Panel.  

Which labs can be host-lab?

– Head of the hosting lab of the academic institution must be a current member of their National EV Societies/Networks in that host nation.

– Host lab should be part of MOVE host-labs list: link here. (To enlist lab as a potential host lab contact your National EV Societies/Networks).


– Travel and subsistence costs will be cevered by the Applicant’s National EV Society/Network, (but not bench fees)

– National EV Society/Network will offer up to €2000/£2000 (depending on the society) per MOVE Fellowship

– MOVE Fellowship will be offered for working in a laboratory of a academic institution in a  different European country for between one and three months

– Please note, the intellectual properties, non-disclosure agreements and data ownership is held with the host labs and we recommend the home lab of the participant and the foreign host lab come to an agreement on these matters.


  1. Contact your local National EV Society/Network to see if they are part of the MOVE and if you are eligible to apply
  2. Look up host labs registered with the MOVE: link here
  3. Contact the host lab directly to discuss your proposed project
  4. Apply according to the rules of your National EV Society/Network
  5. Upon finishing the stay, write a report and submit to your National EV Society/Network.

This is a rolling application and different societies will have different times to apply and rules, so contact them directly from the list below.

For additional questions and specific regulations please contact representatives of your national society/ network.

Good luck!